Student Board Members

A Community’s Schools are its Foundation and it’s Young People Represent the Future

In September 2007, the Stevensville Community Foundation determined that significant community benefit would come from participation by Stevensville High School students in Foundation activities. Exposing individual high school students to the importance of “community” and community involvement was a primary objective. Additionally, the board felt it important to cultivate Stevensville Pool Grand Openingan avenue by which to raise awareness among all Stevensville High school students of the Foundation’s existence. With that decision, a string of Stevensville High School’s finest students have served as non-voting members on the Foundation board bringing new energy and perspective to the Foundation. One representative from each sophomore, junior and senior class sit on the Foundation’s board of directors and attend the monthly meetings.

A goal of our student board members is to create a program by which to better inform Stevensville High School students of the existence of the Stevensville Community Foundation and to support the students of Stevensville High School through the Foundation’s activities.