Who We Are

Stevensville Community Foundation (SCF) is a non-profit corporation in Stevensville, Montana. The mission of the Foundation is to manage philanthropic resources for the betterment of the greater Stevensville, Montana area. The Stevensville Community Foundation sets yearly goals based on community need and raises funds to provide grants for community programs and projects meeting the goals. Stevensville Community Foundation promotes youth activity, nutrition, safety, education, art and the beauty of Stevensville, Montana.Museum Kiosk

The Stevensville Community Foundation has raised several hundred thousand dollars to fund special projects, grants, the permanent endowment fund and a land purchase for the location of a future community center building. The Foundation has distributed more than $200,000 to 49 organizations and activities through the grant program and other Stevensville Community Foundation giving efforts. The $176,000 permanent endowment fund contributes earned income and continues generating dollars annually for our community’s future.

The “Community Center” project fund remains part of our vision. The community center managed by the Stevensville Community Center Complex organization who is a branch of SCF and is anchored by over $250,000 of Foundation investment and $200,000 in pledges. The Stevensville Community Center Complex organization continues their efforts to build the community center, a place for educational, cultural, recreational and social activities for individuals, groups, businesses and civic organizations in Stevensville, Montana.

The Stevensville Community Foundation’s efforts are not government assisted nor is the appeal for grant money broad based. SCF raises funds from the community for the community. With continued financial support of the community our efforts will continue to be successful.